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World Down Syndrome Day

World Down Syndrome Day is about calling people and organisations to be “with us and not for us.” It is changing the way people view disabilities and taking a human rights approach.

Down Syndrome international (DSi) are committed to moving on from the outdated charity model of disability, where people with disability were treated as objects of charity, deserving of pity and relying on others for support. By taking the human rights approach it views people with disabilities as individuals and that they have the right to be treated fairly and be given the same opportunities as everyone else. Working with others to improve their lives instead of for them. Many organisations still exclude people with Down syndrome from participating in their work. Making decisions for them not with them.

Fairfield Trust and their Work

Fairfield Trust is one of Care Control’s customers which provides a range of bespoke services for young people with learning disabilities. They pride themselves on being values-driven and ensuring all the young people in their services learn the life skills that they want to learn. In a recent interview with Senior Manager Sarah Talmash, as part of a case study where you can find out more about the amazing work they do (coming soon), we found discovered what they do for World Down Syndrome Day.

Sarah told us how “the message with World Down Syndrome Day completely aligns with Fairfield. The way you support someone is so important, you must understand what is important for a person whilst respecting what is important to them. Everyone has the right to choose how they live and what they do.”

She then went on to say “for many years now Fairfield have sold the socks and we will be this year. Selling the socks to support the Down Syndrome Workfit programme has actually led to one of our young volunteers getting a paid job at Odeon.”

In December 2022 Jeremy a young person on work placement at Fairfield Animal Centre secured paid employment two days a week with the Odeon Cinema in Trowbridge. Jeremy has always wanted a paid job and to be able to earn his own money.

Fairfield does amazing work working with the young people they support. Here at Care Control, we are proud they are a customer of ours and are pleased to be able to support the services they provide. Look out for the Case Study coming soon to find out more about the young people’s services at Fairfield Trust and how Care Control supports them.

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