Our Values

We aim to provide our customers with the UK’s best care planning software

Providing the best software possible to support all service users

We want our software to help our customers become more efficient, freeing up time for more person-centred care. We want our software to help our customers record data at the point of care ensuring accurate and up-to-date information. We work together with customers and other stakeholders to continually improve and advance our software to ensure that every service user is given the best possible care at all times and in all locations.


Listening to our customers and staff

Care Control values its staff, customers and service users and is always willing to listen to how our work practices and software can be improved to benefit and enrich people’s lives. Where possible we always take on board requests for enhancements to our software which will further improve the outcomes for all parties involved.

Working hard to remain the best software for quality of care

 We want our software to help avoid mistakes in the workplace – Care Control is proven to save lives. We want our software to help our customers save money using our cost-of-care analysis, enabling them to spend more on other aspects of improving the quality of their service users’ lives. We work hard to keep Care Control in its place as the best software to enable the best quality of care in all settings and we actively promote input and feedback from all of our customers and stakeholders.

Caring about our staff and the service users and customers we support

Care Control never forgets that it supports real people who are trying to give the best care possible by using our software. We aim to respond to any issues as quickly as possible in order to enable customers to continue supporting their service users in whatever ways are required. We also appreciate and support our own staff members and strive to maintain a positive working environment in which our staff can thrive.

Improving the lives of our service users

We want our software to replace the old-fashioned, outdated paper systems and provide our customers with accurate, up-to-date, and useful data which helps them really understand what is happening, every minute of every day in their service in order to maximize the health and wellbeing of all service users.

Working together for maximum impact

We work hard at ensuring that Care Control benefits as many customers, service users and employees as possible. Everyone should have a voice and we are always willing to listen.

Modern Slavery Policy

Click here to download our Modern Slavery Act Transparency Policy Statement

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