Our Mission

Advancing care

Care Control’s Mission

Innovative care management software

At Care Control, our mission is very simple; we continuously strive to offer the BEST care software in the UK. We love supporting our customers and passing on our knowledge to businesses that operate in extremely complex and challenging environments.

Our Mission: Image of a nurse demonstrating the Care Control admin panel screen.

Improve Efficiencies

Streamlining processes to save you time

Here at Care Control, we want our software to help our customers become more efficient and therefore, have more time to deliver person-centred care. A crucial part of our mission as a company, we’ve used our extensive experience in the care industry to create software that’s truly designed for the demands of the sector.

With this in mind, our care management software has been designed to make recording information as easy as possible. We’ve combined everything you need to effectively run your care business into a user-friendly app that you can access from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. With no need to file and store reams of paperwork, our cloud-based app allows you to store all your valuable information in one place and you can access it at the touch of a button.

What’s more, it’s incredibly simple to update, add or view information. Whether you need to edit a care plan, log administered medications or record a risk assessment, it can all be done via the Care Control app. Everything is updated in real-time, so once you’ve made a change, it’s instantly visible to everyone in your business. This means you can be assured that all of your recorded data is up to date and accurate, thereby eliminating the need to chase down information, saving significant time and improving efficiencies. We want our software to replace the old-fashioned, outdated paper systems and provide our customers with accurate, up-to-date, and useful data. This is a vital tool for business owners to help them understand what is happening, every minute of every day in their service.

Save Lives, Save Money

Deliver first-class care, efficiently

Helping care providers to become more efficient is just one part of our mission statement. We also want our software to help avoid mistakes in the workplace and to enable business owners to save money.

In the care industry, it’s essential to prevent errors in care. As care professionals ourselves, we understand the challenges carers face, which is why we created our software. We’ve centralised all the essentials you’ll need on a day-to-day basis – such as medication management data, care plans and task lists so that this valuable information is at your fingertips. Reminders and alerts can also be set up to ensure medication is dispensed on time and that crucial care tasks are completed. Our software is proven to save lives, as our Managing Director Matt Luckham has seen first-hand. Matt says, “I have seen the system force a critical intervention that has literally saved the life of a service user.” With feedback like this, it’s clear to see the value our care management software delivers.

Our care planning software features a cost-of-care analysis function, allowing business owners to identify areas to save money. We also have an innovative business intelligence hub, which makes it easy to navigate your data and access a full suite of analytics. You can monitor and manage payroll, expenses, daily labour costs and much more using our in-built payroll functionality. Offering business owners a comprehensive overview of their business, our software makes it easier than ever to assess your overheads and expenditure.

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