Care Control mission

The Care Control mission is very simple, we continuously strive to offer the best care software in the UK. We love supporting our customers and passing on our knowledge to customers who operate in extremely complex and challenging environments.

Care Control Systems software can be used on a tablet
Resident being show her data using the care home management software

More efficient, more time

We want our software to help our customers become more efficient, freeing up time for more person-centred care. We want our software to help our customers record data at the point of care ensuring accurate and up to date information.

Save lives, save money

We want our software to help avoid mistakes in the workplace, Care Control is proven to save lives.

We want our software to help owners save money using our cost-of-care analysis.

Care home owner using our cost-of-care analysis
Person using Care Control Pocket

Accurate up-to-date data

We want our software to replace the old fashioned, out dated paper systems and provide our customers with accurate, up-to-date and useful data which helps them really understand what is happening, every minute of every day in their service.

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