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When you’re running a business, one of the biggest challenges you face is managing your staffing levels. Rostering is a complex task, often taking several hours and made harder as a result of complicated software or using tricky spreadsheets. To help make this essential task simpler to manage, we created the Care Control Roster system.

Perfect for care homes, domiciliary care agencies and supported living organisations, our rostering functionality is simple and easy to use. We’ll do all the hard work for you to build, amend and manage your staff scheduling. Our user-friendly software is used by organisations across the UK to manage over 20,000 employees each day. Contact us to learn how your business join their number!

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Care Control can manage your care home rosters
Manage your staff Rota via mobile

5 Reasons to Choose Our Staff Rostering Software

Digitally revolutionise your staff planning

  1. Create multiple templates across departments
  2. Flag and manage staff holiday and absence cover
  3. Intelligent staff shift availability
  4. See shifts that have been assigned or reallocated
  5. Enable staff to cover shifts via their own devices

Highly flexible and intuitive, our rostering system allows you to easily stay on top of staffing levels. A fantastic tool for care organisations of all sizes, you can instantly update schedules, make changes in the event of staff sickness and even see which members of staff are available to cover shifts. This data can help care providers to allocate resources, identify recruitment needs and maintain legal staffing levels.

The rostering system not only alleviates the stress of staff scheduling but also slots into a wider HR solution. Business owners and managers can assess staff attendance, sickness levels, unauthorised absences and payroll requirements, all in one complete package.

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