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No matter the size of your care organisation, managing your income stream and ensuring it’s accurate is a big undertaking. As care professionals ourselves, we understand the challenges faced by the care industry. With this in mind, we created easy to use income management software to provide an all-in-one way to manage your finances.

Accessible 24/7 though the app, you can use our income management software when you’re in the office, on the road or working from home. What’s more, you can raise invoices, send payment reminders and monitor your company’s petty cash situation in just a few clicks of a button – saving you time and bringing your care organisation into the digital age.

Income Management Software: Image of a man using Care Control software on his laptop to raise an invoice.

5 Reasons to Choose Our Income Management Software

Streamlining your accounting processes

  1. Raise invoices and credits direct
  2. Monitor and escalate late payments, with our ‘Aged Balance’ analysis
  3. View and record payments, as they’re received
  4. Manage your petty cash
  5. Run ‘Cost of Care’ analyses – including for pre-assessments

With everything you need to manage your care facility’s income stream all in one place, our income management software takes the hard work out of financial administration. You can say goodbye to the days of attaching invoices to emails, digging back through paperwork to see when a payment was made and relying on manual bookkeeping for petty cash – you can do it all in just a few clicks with Care Control!

Real-time accessibility means that you can instantly see what monies are owed, what’s been paid and what you need to invoice for.

On top of this, our income management software also allows you to calculate a ‘cost of care’ analysis. This means you can estimate your business’ care and non-care costs at a service or user level – an essential way of measuring and ensuring profitability.

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