Human Resources

The HR side of any business is complex but never more so than within the care sector. This is why Care Control has incorporated HR functions within our software making your HR challenges much easier to manage.

Using the HR functions within Care Control not only streamlines tasks but enables organisations to inform, communicate and manage their staff much more efficiently.

Using real-time information, potential issues are flagged immediately. This enables fast-responses to HR issues across your organisation.

Care Control has incorporated HR functions
Carry out all your Supervisions electronically

Top 5 highlights of CC HR

  1. Staff Plan Integrity Checks – ensure all data is complete and up to date!
  2. Carry out all your Supervisions electronically!
  3. Internal Messaging System with alerts for fast communications
  4. Electronic record of Staff Training
  5. Support for comprehensive holiday calculations including accrual capping

What Next

Unlock your care potential

Care Control is on a remarkable journey and we look forward to welcoming you to our family of users, get ready to unlock your care potential with Care Control!

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