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Our medication management software is designed to make administering medications safer, simpler and crucially, compliant. If you’re seeking ways to streamline your processes and cut down on lengthy administration times, then our eMar (electronic medication administration record) system could be perfect for you.

Allowing the user to instantly view and oversee medication management information, this functionality enables users to set up prompts and alerts to maintain their client’s medication requirements. You can easily track essential criteria such as prescription changes when medications were administered and by whom, reports and audits. By keeping all of this important data in a centralised location, care providers can reduce and illuminate mistakes, as well as effectively manage any oversights.

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eMar: Image of the Care Control electronic medication management task panel, shown on a tablet.
eMar: Image of the Care Control electronic medication management detail panel, shown on a tablet.

5 Reasons to Choose Our Medication Management Software

Bring your business into the digital age

  1. Comprehensive eMar records
  2. Full visibility into medication processes
  3. Controls to prevent overdose
  4. Receive alerts in the event a mistake is made
  5. Set up alerts for when medication stocks are low

Our medication management software is designed by care professionals, for care professionals. With hands-on industry experience, we understand the importance of maintaining an accurate and up to date medication record. With this in mind, we created the eMar system. Designed to allow care providers to quickly access vital information on prescribed medicines, past and current prescriptions and when medication was last administered, the medication management system enables caregivers to deliver person-centred care at all times.

As this information can be instantly accessed by approved users from their smartphone, tablet or PC, it’s a fantastic asset for all kinds of care organisations. The data updates in real-time too, so you can make and view updates to eMar whether you’re in the office, on the road or making a home visit.

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