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If you work in the care industry, you’ll understand the administrative challenges faced by healthcare and support workers. With client requirements evolving constantly, keeping on top of recording requirements and informing support staff can feel like a never-ending task. However, this is where our digital care planning software can help!

Our system is designed to make the daily recording, reporting and analysis of your company’s care plan information easy, straightforward and efficient. Developed by a care professional, our digital care planning software offers 24/7 access to your critical information. You can review, edit and create care plans at the touch of a button to completely revolutionise your administrative processes.

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Care Planning: Image of the Care Control admin panel, shown on a PC.
Care Planning: Image of the Care Control admin panel, shown on a tablet.

5 Reasons to Choose Our Digital Care Planning Software

Taking your business to the next level

  1. Store all your care plans in one place
  2. Unlimited access to real-time critical care features
  3. Create bespoke risk assessments and forms
  4. Log tasks and update their status easily
  5. Save time and with remote recording

Our care management software allows you to store a wealth of information in a centralised place. You can easily access care plans, record information, view handover notes and check for daily tasks in just a few clicks. This unified digital care planning system updates in real-time, meaning you’ll be able to see the critical information you need whether you’re in the office, on a home visit or on the road.

Our digital care planning tools are designed to facilitate person-centred care by significantly cutting down on the length of time it takes to record care notes and access historical information for reference. What’s more, you can also track trends and patterns in data via our software. This means it’s even easier to tailor plans and provide personalised care packages to your clients.

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