Care Control understand how essential successful compliance is to organisations and our software is proven to help services meet the standards as set out by CQC.

Our software provides a comprehensive overview of everything a care provider needs on a daily basis to enable them to adhere to and achieve the levels of compliance expected.

Care Control allows you to electronically create all your paper, word and excel forms, which can then be stored within the system for comprehensive analysis. Compliance has never been easier!

Our care home software helps services meet CQC standards
Record and Analyse Quality Assurance - eMar

Top 5 highlights of CC Compliance

  1. Care Plan & Staff File Integrity Checks – CC will tell you what is missing
  2. Home Status – the 24-hour audit of what needs to be done or what has been missed
  3. Alerts and Notifications – set targets, limits and notification groups
  4. Record and Analyse Quality Assurance
  5. Create checklists, audits and other tasks to ensure nothing is missed!

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