Care Planning

Care Control will immediately make the daily recording and analysis of all your Care Plan information easy, straightforward and efficient.

Care Control is unique in that it was created by a Care Professional. The system allows you to review, add and amend Care Plan information on a 24/7 basis. Full Care Plan access at the touch of a button!

With access to real-time information across all your services Care Plans will give insights into your organisation like never before.

Full Care Plan access at the touch of a button
Access to real-time critical care features

Top 5 highlights of CC Care Planning

  1. All your Care Plan information in one place
  2. Access to real-time critical care features
  3. Create bespoke Risk Assessments and Monitoring Forms
  4. Easily log completed tasks for areas of monitoring
  5. Improve efficiencies and save time with remote recording

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Unlock your care potential

Using our Electronic Care Plans you will never look back! Get ready to unlock your care potential with Care Control!

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