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Top Tips for Implementation

Implementation is vital to starting up any digital care planning system, getting implementation right makes your life so much easier when it comes to setting up the system in your care organisation. I’ve spoken to one of our implementation specialists to put together some top tips to help you make the most of your implementation. 

Invest time into it 

One of the best things you can do is invest time into the implementation, you are given a lot of information, and this can be overwhelming if you do not give yourself the time to digest it. Download the training videos and watch them after each session in your own time to make sure you have understood everything and have not missed anything.  

Location location location 

Make sure you are in an appropriate location to do the implementation, as it can be intense you will want to be in an office or somewhere similar, so you do not have distractions. Also, make sure wherever you work you can use a laptop or a computer with good WiFi. 

Use equipment that works 

This may sound obvious but making sure your camera, sound, and microphone work before you start the implementation is essential. If they do not work, you will not be able to make the most or even take part in your session. It is best to cancel and reschedule your time slot for a time when you have working equipment if this is the case. 

Timing is everything 

There are two key things when it comes to the timing of your implementation.  Firstly, don’t do all 4 of your sessions in one week, spread them out, there is a lot of information given and this can be a bit of an overload if you take it all in too quickly. Second, make sure to book it at a time of day you know you’ll be able to concentrate and focus on something. 

Make sure the right people are doing it 

With Care Control Implementation being done on windows, this is something that only admin and managers will have access to, so it is important that they are the people doing the implementation. Carers won’t have access to windows so they will not benefit from the implementation session as they will be shown things that won’t be relevant to them.  

Other key tips 

  •  Download the system (Care Control) before you start implementation it will make your life so much easier as you can put into practice what you learn.  
  • As soon as you receive your spreadsheet fill it out as you will start your implementation as soon as you have filled it out and will be making the most of your contract and your life easier!  
  • If you ever cannot make a session, just email and re-arrange so you don’t miss out on knowledge or waste anyone’s time 
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