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The Wood Care Group

The ‘Home Status Dashboard’ gives the Directors and Managers instant visibility into the status of each home within the group.

The Wood Care Group

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Learning their


The Wood Care Group is a family business that cares for almost 200 service users across 4 residential homes, including specialist dementia units.

Understanding the


The Wood Care Group had implemented an electronic care management system; however, it was not cloud based and was unable to meet the needs of the Directors. Being a multisite group, it was important for the Directors to be able to access information on all their homes at anytime without the need to travel to each home.

Regulatory and funding bodies can request historical care notes at any time, it is essential no information is missing. Sorting through piles of paperwork to retrieve the required information was time consuming. Some service users are CCG funded and payment can only be processed if records are complete.

The volume of archived paper records was continually growing, taking up increased storage space; space which could be used for residents.

The Managers were uncertain if the night staff were doing their job, there was no way of telling without visiting the home to check.

Helping to find

The Solution

The Wood Care Group implemented Care Control across 3 of the homes initially. The Management team were first to learn the system and focussed on the Windows platform to configure Care Control to suit each home’s individual requirements. The care staff were trained on Care Control Mobile for recording and accessing care information, they found it so easy to use.

Care Control

The Benefits

  • Care Control gives the Wood Care Group visibility into our organisation and the service we provide and enables us to have more control.
  • The ‘Home Status Dashboard’ gives the Directors and Managers instant visibility into the status of each home within the group. For example, we can immediately identify if care has not been given or if a staff member has not signed into work.
  • At any time, we can access and check real-time care information for any resident.
  • Care Control Screens is a very helpful product for the team at the main office. A quick glance at the screen gives us an instant overview of each home and can give the team peace-of-mind knowing that we are meeting our high standards.
  • The Directors have made significant time savings by reducing the need to drive between homes to retrieve information for analysis and auditing.
  • Each resident has their own unique QR code, generated by Care Control, the code is printed and fixed in the resident’s room. Night staff are unable to record sleep checks unless they have visited the resident in their room and scanned the QR code.
  • Care Control is a complete system, we used to have a separate system for staff clocking in/out but Care Control’s broad range of tools have allowed us to consolidate down to one system. All the information is in one place.
  • Care staff no longer waste time searching through and organising paper work, this has given them quality time to spend with residents.
  • We have significantly reduced the amount of stored paperwork. Space that was previously used for archive storage has been freed up and is now used as additional space for residents.
  • Care Control puts safeguards in place, the minimum level of care is guaranteed. Alerts are generated if care is overdue.
  • Access to Care Control for family and friends means we can more effectively involve family members in the care plan process. It helps care staff to interact with a resident’s family/friends. Family/friends can also add to the Life History section of the care plan, helping our team understand the person’s past and to know them better.

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