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The Benefits of Using Workforce Rostering Software in the Care Sector 

Many businesses use paper-based solutions or spreadsheets when creating rosters and this has been considered the norm for many years now. However, updating your processes can be hugely beneficial and implementing a digital solution can make rostering much easier. Here at Care Control Systems, we provide businesses in the care sector with app-based software that can transform the way you create and manage rosters. Our Care Control Roster system is designed to replace traditional rostering systems and it’s straightforward to use. 


Whether you run a care home, supported living organisation or domiciliary care agency, investing in workforce rostering software can have a big impact on your day-to-day operations. If you’d like to find out more about how our Care Control Roster system can help you to manage staff rosters, below we have listed some of the biggest benefits of this software. 


Streamline the process of creating rosters 


It isn’t uncommon for rostering to be a time-consuming process and lots of businesses in the care sector will use several spreadsheets to help them assign employee shifts. Installing user-friendly workforce rostering software can make a big difference, enabling HR teams to create templates across departments and what was once a complex task will be more straightforward. Our intelligent Care Control Roster system will make it easy to create schedules and update shifts, elevating the stress of creating rosters. 


Keep on top of staffing levels 


Not only can workforce rostering software be used to schedule shifts, but it can give you a greater insight into your staffing needs. In the care sector, it’s crucial to ensure you have a sufficient number of employees working and this won’t just help you to keep your clients safe, but it will enable you to continue providing a high standard of care. Using a cloud-based system, you can maintain legal staffing levels and reallocate resources if required. It will also be much easier to identify recruitment needs when you have up-to-date information. 


Manage time off requests 


All employees are entitled to annual leave and when compared to using spreadsheets to handle time off requests, our Care Control Roster system can simplify the process of approving annual leave and finding suitable cover. This easy-to-use tool will flag any holiday requests and you can instantly update schedules to accommodate for time off. Similarly, you can manage absence cover and quickly make changes in the event of unexpected staff sickness. Workforce rostering software can help to prevent the problems associated with being understaffed. 


Provide employees with greater control over their shifts


Creating a roster that pleases everyone can be incredibly difficult and every now and then, your employees may need to swap shifts with their colleagues. When your team has access to our online Care Control Roster system, they will be able to see which members of staff are available in real time and handle shift swapping by themselves. Enabling your employees to cover upcoming shifts via their own devices will make workforce management much more efficient and you won’t have to worry as much about meeting everyone’s needs. 


Reduce the HR workload 


Ultimately, installing a new employee scheduling solution will take a lot of pressure off of your HR team and they will be able to focus on other important aspects of their role. Our convenient workforce rostering software works alongside several other HR management tools that can revolutionise the way your team operates and this can have a positive impact on your bottom line. No matter how many employees you have to manage, modern user-friendly software can make a huge difference from the outset. 


Installing workforce rostering software


If you’re still using paper-based or spreadsheet solutions, it’s worthwhile installing workforce rostering software and this can be undeniably beneficial. To find out more about the software we supply at Care Control Systems, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. We will happily discuss our Care Control Roster system with you in more detail. 


Since it was first created in 2010, our easy-to-use software has been used in a variety of care settings and it addresses several specific requirements of this care sector. Over the years, we have continued to enhance our digital solutions in line with our customers’ feedback too and we are proud to provide cloud-based software that meets the needs of businesses throughout the industry. We look forward to helping you upgrade your outdated rostering solutions. 


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