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Social prescribing day

9th March celebrates social prescribing day 2023, a day which highlights the important impact social prescribers have on society, people’s health and wellbeing.  

Social prescribing is practical and emotional support, that can empower people to manage health problems and get the right support. It can help people to connect and grow in confidence.  

Social prescribing could involve: This could involve a Social Prescribing Link Worker or an equivalent role: 

  • Helping someone who is isolated join a befriending group, an art class or a community gardening project, based on what works for them.  
  • Supporting someone with dementia to join a dementia choir, enabling them to maintain a sense of social connection. 
  • Working with someone with high blood pressure to take up a form of exercise that they’re comfortable with. 
  • It helps people feel heard, valued, and understood 
  • It creates thriving communities 
  • It can support people who are most at risk of poor health 
  • And it helps people get the most relevant and effective support available 

For some people, social prescribing provides an alternative to medication. For others, it works alongside it. Either way, it can help tackle the root cause of many health and wellbeing issues.  

Social prescribing and Care Control 

If any of your service users have a social prescriber, this would be included in their care plan, and it would be easy to write up any activities that have taken place on their notes. You can write up notes of when the social prescriber came, what activities took place and any mood changes noticed after. This way you can let family members or staff know what activities help that service user.  

Any photos or videos that get taken can also be uploaded and shared on the Family & Friends app, so they can see the good work that is happening and be involved in their loved one’s care.  

Care Control’s digital care planning tools are designed to facilitate person-centred care by significantly reducing the time it takes to record care notes and access historical information for reference. This means it’s even easier to tailor plans and provide personalised care packages to your clients. 

If you would like to learn more about how our care management software could benefit your business, please complete this quick form on our website. Alternatively, you can call us on 01822 738100 to speak with a member of the Care Control team. 

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