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Setting up Care Control with Rhyd y Cleifion

Rhyd y Cleifion is one of our new customers who has just finished their implementation to set up Care Control in their care home. They are a small care home in North Wales with 4 service users specialising in Learning Difficulties and 10 staff members, going from completely paper to digital.  

We caught up with Amanda Jones the Registered Manager to find out how their implementation went and how Care Control is going for them in the early stages. 

About Rhyd y Cleifion 

Amanda has been running the home with her sister-in-law since 2011, but the home has been running in the family since 1994. Their residents consist of 2 men and 2 women with learning difficulties, including Autism. The 10 staff working there are “just amazing. They do a fantastic job supporting each other as well as our service users.” said Amanda. 

Rhyd y Cleifion and Care Control 

Rhyd y Cleifion started their implementation on 28th September with our Services Manager Kerrie Biram and recently completed the 4 week process so are ready to go with Care Control. The implementation process consists of 4 training sessions where you learn how to set up Care Control and how to use it within your care organisation. I asked Amanda what her favourite thing about implementation to which she replied “Kerrie! How approachable she was and how she explained everything, we covered so much. She was always there to help; if anything needed adapting, she would do it.”  

We went on to discuss how it has been with the staff and getting them set up with Care Control and what they found most beneficial about having the system in place. “The staff absolutely love it, it’s easy to use and if there are new features, we discover we will message on WhatsApp or the in-app messaging service to let everyone know about it. The built-in messaging service is great as it’s a way to message all our staff but does not disturb those who are off or are on leave, but they still see all the messages when they are next in.”  

Amanda then went on to explain that easily everyone’s favourite feature was that “it saves so much time compared to paper. So the staff have so much more quality time with the residents and whilst they are filling out the notes it is so easy it does not take any concentration away from the work they are doing.”  

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