Say hello to April


Say hello to April, our new Telesales Executive!

Tell us about your new role at Care Control
“My new role at Care Control as Telesales Executive, is to communicate with different care providers and find out how they are recording and managing care information. Whether it be a paper-based system or an electronic system, my job is to find out what the care provider’s challenges are and help them to understand how using an electronic system, specifically Care Control, can benefit service users and all levels of staff within the care home. I will be booking demonstrations to give care providers and in-depth look at how Care Control can help them.”

What was your job before joining Care Control?
“Before I joined Care Control, most of my work experience was based in the food industry, which ranged anything from kitchen work, right through to front of house and waitressing.”

What are you looking forward to the most about working at Care Control?
“The thing I’m looking forward to the most about my role at Care Control is developing a whole new set of skills within sales, as it is something I have never really done before. I am also looking forward to learning about different aspects of care, even though Care Control is more behind the scenes, it was developed by someone who has worked in care for a long time, so I feel this job role has a lot to teach me about the care sector.”

3 words to describe Care Control:
“Organised, Supportive, Passionate ”

An interesting fact about yourself:
“An interesting fact about myself is that up until very recently I had severe phone-based anxiety and would struggle to make phone calls or even answer the phone when someone tried to ring me. I applied for this role partly to try and overcome that fear. “