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Tune into Cloud FM, your go-to hub for custom care control playlists. Here, you’ll find a curated selection of playlists designed to enhance the care environment, elevate moods, and provide comfort.

Whether you’re looking for soothing sounds, energetic tunes, or themed collections, Cloud FM has the perfect playlist for every moment.

We have also crafted a special ‘Century of Music’ playlist for you to enjoy, featuring timeless classics and hits from the past hundred years. Start exploring and create the perfect ambiance with Cloud FM!

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Playlists hand crafted for you.

Enjoy a vast selection of playlists covering a century of music from the 1920s to the 2020s. Each playlist is carefully compiled to evoke the distinct sounds and moods of its era, providing a musical journey through time. Ideal for relaxation, reminiscence, and recreational therapy.
For Smart Players, simply say the following:
Amazon Devices – Alexa’ play the playlist ‘1920s: Speakeasy Serenades via Spotify’
Google Devices –
‘Ok Google ‘play the playlist’ 1920s: Speakeasy Serenades via Spotify’

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The melody oasis: a century of musical sanctuary carefully crafted for you.

Welcome to Melody Oasis, where music meets compassion. Our carefully curated selection of tunes provides a therapeutic and joyful experience for those you care for. From calming classics to uplifting modern hits, discover a diverse library designed to enhance mood, stimulate memories, and offer comfort. Let each note bring a smile and create lasting memories from music through the ages!

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2020s: Tesseract Odyssey

Dive into the revolutionary sounds of the 2020s with “Tesseract Odyssey”‘ This collection captures the decade’s boundary-pushing music, from genre fusion to pioneering production, reflecting the era’s spirit of experimentation and creativity.

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2010s: The Horizon

Explore “Horizon: Sounds of 2010,” a vibrant collection that encapsulates the year’s pioneering trends and fresh talents. Dive into an eclectic mix that shaped a decade, featuring genre-blending hits and breakthrough performances from emerging artists.

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2000s: Echoes of Awareness

“Echoes of Awareness” delves into the 2000s, a decade marked by a growing consciousness of global issues. This collection features artists and music that promoted awareness, reflecting the changing dynamics of the world stage.

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1990s: Therapeutic Beats

“Therapeutic Beats” explores the 1990s’ explosion of diverse musical genres that provided emotional outlets for a new generation. This compilation delves into grunge, hip-hop, and electronic beats that shaped the youth culture of the decade.

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1980s: Digital Dreams

“Digital Dreams” showcases the 1980s’ revolution in music technology. Experience the synthetic beats and digital sounds that defined a decade, capturing the innovative spirit of an era transformed by technological advances.

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1970s: Healing Harmonies

“Healing Harmonies” highlights the 1970s’ use of music as a soothing, restorative force during times of social upheaval and change. This collection features mellow tunes and powerful anthems that comforted and healed a generation.

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1960s: Voices of Vigilance

“Voices of Vigilance” captures the 1960s’ pivotal calls for social justice and change. This powerful selection of songs fuelled movements and inspired activism, echoing the decade’s transformative spirit through music.

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1950s: Carefree Crooners

“Carefree Crooners” reflects the light-hearted, optimistic music of the 1950s. Enjoy a collection of upbeat and breezy tunes that characterised the post-war era, capturing the newfound freedom and prosperity of the decade.

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1940s: Harmony of Heroes

“Harmony of Heroes” celebrates the 1940s’ spirit of resilience and unity through music. This compilation showcases patriotic anthems and heartfelt ballads that rallied spirits and strengthened communities throughout the Second World War.

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1930s: Melodies of Solace

“Melodies of Solace” encapsulates the 1930s, offering musical comfort in response to economic strife. This collection features soothing, soulful tunes that provided a much-needed escape and reassurance during the Great Depression.

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1920s: Speakeasy Serenades

“Speakeasy Seranades” immerses you in the dynamic spirit of the 1920s with iconic jazz tunes. From speakeasy secrets to the raw emotion of blues, this collection captures the essence of a transformative era marked by cultural revolution.

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Thomas Lim

The staff team are always warm and welcoming to all queries. They respond with speed, especially when asked for immediate assistance, and their dedication to assist with personalisation and training is amazing. I have seen Care Control progress over the past 2 years and I look forward to what the future holds with Care Control!

Tracy Tighe

Very good and support services are very approachable as well as helpful and professional.

James Hummerston

Fantastic, very knowlegeable staff that give help and keep you in the loop with updates on support tickets.

Naomi Ball

The system does exactly what it says on the tin…user friendly, give us full compliance and oversight and even the most technophobic staff are loving being digital!

Keeley Lewis

Amazing for documentation much better than pen to paper!

Conor Cawley

Brilliant at keeping a record of everything to ensure that the residents are well looked after…

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