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Explore our comprehensive collection of care control guides designed to help you provide the best care possible.

Whether you’re looking for step-by-step instructions, expert tips, or detailed protocols, our guides are here to support you every step of the way. Navigate through our resources with ease and enhance your care practices with Cloud Care Guides.

Detailed Guides

Discover comprehensive guides developed by Care Control, designed to keep caregivers informed and adept in the ever-evolving world of care. These resources offer insights and strategies on staying current with best practices, enhancing patient engagement, and effectively using music as a therapeutic tool in care settings.

Resources on:

Care Control's free industry guides for latest and greatest care tips

Care Control provides complimentary, extensive guides and tips specifically crafted for professionals within the care industry, designed to keep them abreast of the most relevant information. These resources are invaluable for anyone seeking to enhance their understanding and practices in a continually evolving field. Easily accessible, these guides serve as essential tools for caregivers aiming to refine their skills and ensure the highest standards of care.

Funding Care Digitisation

Discover available funding options to support the transition of social care services from traditional practices to advanced digital platforms.

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Cost Saving Paper vs Digital Guide

Analyse the cost benefits of digital over paper records in social care, focusing on efficiency and long-term savings.

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What is the Role of AI in Social Care 2024

Understanding the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Social Care: A Comprehensive Analysis of How AI is Transforming Services, Enhancing Efficiency, and Improving Outcomes for Communities in 2024.

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The 6 Cs of Care: Your Essential Roadmap to Person-Centered Excellence

Master the Core Principles of Compassionate, Competent, and Comprehensive Care Delivery for a Fulfilling Person-Centered Approach in Social Care Settings.

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Revolutionising Social Care Recruitment: 5 Expert Strategies

Unlock the Power of Talent Acquisition with Proven Techniques and Best Practices for a Transformative Social Care Recruitment Process.

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AI Dementia Webinar

An insightful webinar detailing how artificial intelligence and digital technologies can enhance care and support for dementia patients.

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How our resources help others...

Their experience throughout our platform

Dean Webster

A great system that’s easy to use and makes our job that bit easier.

Taiwo Shittu

Care Control has been wonderful. It provides staff with the ability to track previous activities of service users, their risk assessments, and all other tasks carried out by other staff. Even when handover is almost impossible, incoming staff can track all activities that have been completed, which is fantastic.

James Hummerston

Fantastic, very knowlegeable staff that give help and keep you in the loop with updates on support tickets.

Susan Pickersgill

Excellent system. It has all we need to run our home effectively and with full compliance. Brilliant Rota system, holiday planning. Who could wish for more?

Conor Cawley

Brilliant at keeping a record of everything to ensure that the residents are well looked after…

Maroof Olagunju

Care Control is very easy to use. It also eradicates the era of bulky paperwork in recording the daily activities of the service user.

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