Residents Not Paperwork


Residents Not Paperwork

Less time spent on completing paperwork, more time for providing quality care .

Care homes spend an undue amount of time completing paperwork in response to regulatory and commissioning requirements – mostly for fear of potential blame or litigation for poor care. Regulators rely on notes as evidence – if it’s not written down, it didn’t happen.

The amount of paperwork that care staff are expected to complete, instead of adding value, can prevent the delivery of good care by reducing the amount of time staff have to complete their care responsibilities.

Our first-hand experience means that we truly understand the burden paperwork places on time-pressed care staff. At Care Control, we are passionate about enabling care staff to spend more time with residents and deliver person-centred, quality care. That’s why our electronic care management system has been designed to be easy and quick to use by all care staff, regardless of IT literacy. Care staff can record accurate and detailed care notes on-the-go in seconds.

Watch an example of recording fluid intake:

Care staff can use type, speech to text and customisable drop-down options to quickly build care notes.

Not only is it quick to record care notes, it’s also quick and easy to find information with searchable handover notes and instant access to the Care Review at the touch of a button.

The speed and ease of recording and accessing care information frees up time for care staff to spend with residents.