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Reduce Medication Errors with Care Control

The World Health Organisation has stated that medication harm and medication errors account for 50% of overall needless harm in medical care. Those medication errors are one of the main causes of avoidable medication-related harm. Medication safety is essential in running any care organisation as when it is not conducted properly it can put service users’ lives at risk. That is why Care Control’s medication management software helps make administering medications safer, simpler, and compliant with CQC regulations to avoid medication errors.  

Our medication management system links with an eMAR system to help you with these 5 elements:  

  1. Comprehensive eMAR records  
  2. Full visibility into medication processes 
  3. Controls to prevent overdose 
  4. Receive alerts in the event a mistake is made 
  5. Set up alerts for when medication stocks are low  

Care Control’s eMAR software allows carers to quickly access vital information on prescribed medicines, past and current prescriptions and when medication was last administered. The medication management system enables caregivers to always deliver person-centred care. For managers, you have a full overview of any medication given to service users. You will be able to view which members of staff have given medication to what service user at what time along with any comments, making staff more accountable for what they are administering.  

This information can be instantly accessed by approved users from their smartphone, tablet or PC. It is a fantastic asset for all kinds of care organisations. All the data received updates in real-time too, so you can view updates to eMAR whether you are in the office, on the road or making a home visit.  

If you’d like to learn more about how our care management software could benefit your business, please complete this quick form on our website. Alternatively, you can call us on 01822 738100 to speak with a member of the Care Control team. 

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