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Recruitment in the care industry

How can you improve recruitment for care professionals?

The demand for care professionals is at an all-time high. Those who run care organisations know all too well the difficulties faced with recruiting care workers. The demand for places within residential facilities continues to soar as an aging population continues to put pressure on the sector. The aging population is not the only factor playing a part in the demand for residential facilities. The UK’s population now has a longer life expectancy due to innovations in the healthcare industry and better medical care.

So how can you attract care professionals to not just work but also stay with your care organisation?

Engage with your local community

Building relationships with your local community is a great way to build partnerships with those looking for work opportunities. Local communities tend to have Facebook groups specifically for local news, advice, and jobs. These are great platforms to advertise jobs and with Care Control’s new recruitment feature, it is easy to copy and paste job links!

Offer apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are a fantastic way to get skilled employees. Apprentices are able to learn on the job, build on knowledge from other care professionals and can be great assets to your care organisation. The best part about apprentices are they are able to molded to the way you work!

Employee benefits

Due to the high demand for care professionals it is important to make your employee package look attractive. Some employers offer welcome bonuses to their new starters as well as referral schemes for staff to earn some extra cash. Other benefits could include, free meals, discounts on gym memberships, voucher schemes or the opportunity to buy annual leave. There are many employee benefit businesses which can help with this such as PerkBox or if you would like to do it yourself the CIPD have a wealth of information.

Recruitment fairs

Universities and colleges tend to host regular recruitment fairs. This is a great opportunity to network with potential candidates. Colleges host career days, where students have the opportunity to meet an array of different employers. This gives you the opportunity to pitch apprentice schemes as well as graduate programs for healthcare graduates or those who would like to develop career progression within social care.

A top tip from us – make your stand appealing, take lots of freebies/sweets. Everybody loves a freebie!

Make the recruitment process simpler

If you are an existing Care Control customer you now have the benefit of using our new Recruitment Module! The Recruitment Module is fully integrated into Care Control. Save time and build your own job application with Care Control’s custom form builder and store templates ready for the next vacancy. You can manage the entire recruitment process through Care Control and clearly evidence every aspect of recruitment for regulatory bodies. You have the power to fill roles faster by streamlining the hiring process. Never lose track of a candidate again. Effortlessly track candidate interaction as well as request references and complete full DBS checks.


Want to learn more about the Recruitment Module?

We would love to show you the new recruitment module in action as well as all the other amazing aspects Care Control has to offer. To take a look at our system click here.







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