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Important questions to ask when choosing a digital care planning system

Digital care planning is essential to any care provider. With the amount of paperwork you are expected to complete on top of delivering care, as well as the evidence you need for inspections, having a digital system saves a lot of time. On top of this, the government also require social care providers to go digital by 2024. There are so many systems out there, it is important to make sure you are asking the right questions to ensure you get the right system for you.

Important questions you should be asking when choosing a digital care planning system

Does the system work offline?

It is important to know if the system works offline and how the offline mode works, especially if your home or your clients live in areas with no signal or WiFi. Offline mode will allow you to continue to log your work without WiFi and for it to be uploaded when you are back online.

How would we train new members of staff?

Staff residence due to lack of knowledge of the new system will be one of the harder things you’ll face when transferring to a digital system. So, it is essential to understand the process required and the support you will get when implementing the software regarding your staff and their training.

Can I manage payroll and HR via the system?

It is good to know if the system will do payroll and HR as that can save you time if you are doing it by paper or having to link up other systems. It will also mean that all your information is in one place making it easier to find things.

How secure is the system (GDPR)?

When it comes to digital care planning software, it’s essential to find something that’s safe and secure. With so much sensitive information required, ensuring your provider of choice has robust security measures is crucial.

Who owns the data if we cancel our contract?

It is just as important to make sure that your data is secure when your contract is over.

What devices can be used?

Different software systems may be compatible with different devices. You should make sure you know which ones before you commit in case they are not compatible with the ones you are currently using and you need to invest in new ones.

What support will my team have from your company?

Supporting your team is an essential part of a smooth transition from paper to digital. Investing in a digital care planning software system that will support you during and after your transition is important for staff happiness and to make sure you get the best use of your investment.

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