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Providing Peace of Mind With Electronic Monitoring Systems

It can be difficult for family members to outsource care for an elderly relative, especially if they have been providing care themselves for a while now. Deciding to use a home care agency can be stressful and family members worry that their loved one won’t receive the level of care and attention they deserve. There are several common concerns that families have when outsourcing care for a loved one, many of which can be overcome with electronic monitoring systems. 

Care monitoring systems are designed to bridge the gap between care providers and families, and they can help to put family members at ease. As a home care agency, using an innovative system that enables you to update families regularly can help you to stand out from the crowd of providers. Using an electronic monitoring system will allow you to address many of the worries family members have about outsourcing care and below we have looked into how electronic monitoring systems can provide peace of mind to clients’ families. 


Get an Overview of Care Visits 

Often, family members will feel as though they’re left in the dark when it comes to their loved one’s care and they won’t know anything about the visits being provided by a care agency. This can cause unnecessary worry and result in them questioning things like care quality. 

When you use electronic monitoring systems for home care, you can provide family members with an overview of each and every care worker’s visit. Authorised family members can have access to this system, enabling them to view care plans and care notes, so they will have a better understanding of the care and support being provided. This transparency can reassure family members and prevent them from second-guessing the work you’re doing.


Receive Real-Time Updates About Well-being

Lots of family members are unable to visit their elderly relatives on a regular basis and they will rely on home care agencies to provide updates on their well-being. Updating every family member can be a time-consuming task for care workers and it can be overlooked when they’re busy trying to provide care and support to clients in the community. 

Care monitoring systems provide family members with real-time updates about their loved one, preventing them from continually contacting your team for information. Home carers can log daily well-being on the system and leave notes for family members to read, so they will always know how their elderly relative is getting on. If many different care professionals look after one client, this can streamline the process of updating families too and enable your team to focus their time and attention on delivering the best care to clients. 


Communicate with Home Care Teams 

Not only will family members contact home care teams for updates about their loved one, but they will also want to provide their own updates about things that may impact their elderly relative’s health or mood. Again, regularly speaking to family members will take up care workers’ valuable time that could be better spent doing other important tasks. 

Implementing electronic monitoring systems for home care into your operations will enable relatives to communicate with care professionals. They will have the ability to add relevant notes about care and medication to the system for home care teams, ensuring they’re kept informed of any critical changes. This system can help to build collaborative care networks for clients, ensuring nothing is being overlooked and their needs and wishes are always being met. 

It’s worth noting that family members can even upload videos or photos to care monitoring systems that they think their elderly relative would like to see. This can help to lift clients’ spirits and make them feel more connected to their families, even if they can’t see them regularly. 


Keep Track of Care Budgets 

The vast majority of people have to pay something towards the home care they receive and home care agencies sometimes have to chase payments. Often, family members won’t be aware of how much is left in a care allowance and they can forget to top up their balance. 

With the help of an efficient care monitoring system, you can streamline financial operations and make it easier for clients’ families to keep track of care costs. Authorised family members can view their loved one’s personal allowance balance and update this whenever it’s running low. This can help to prevent common problems where you have to chase payments for care worker visits, improving the overall reliability of care services. 


Want to Find out More About Electronic Monitoring Systems for Home Care?

Ultimately, electronic monitoring systems can be hugely beneficial for all home care agencies and if you’re not currently using a system that connects you to your clients’ families, it’s worth investing in the care management solutions we offer at Care Control. Our systems are used by tens of thousands of carers in the UK and they’ve proven to be incredibly effective. 

To find out more about how our digital care management software can help your organisation, please contact us today via this online form on our website to book a demo to experience how our solution could be incorporated into your care setting or call us on 01822 738100.


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