Care planning at your fingertips

For years now electronic devices and software have been a huge part of everyone’s lives, whether that is our mobile phones, the computers we use at work or even the ATM machine and card reader when shopping.

We all have the ability to use such devices and software. Sometimes all it takes is practice to make us all become tech whizzes!

Making the switch from paper to electronic care planning software can be a bit daunting for some. However, when we make the switch it becomes so beneficial to everyone involved in the service that you will wonder how you ever coped before.

But Why Electronic?

Now I could list off all the benefits of using Care Control and tell you how it will change your work and life. But the proof is in the pudding and you will see with your own eyes the difference it makes.

Having spent 4 years working in domiciliary care I know first-hand the many challenges carers face on a daily basis. As we all know, no one day is the same!

But the end goal never differs, it is to provide our service users with an outstanding level of care and compassion.

Wouldn’t we all love to spend more time with our residents or clients providing care? But this can be taken away with the demand to record vital information which we all know is an important task that must be completed. However, with recording this information on paper it has some flaws. Its time consuming, inaccurate and expensive. Paper & print cartridges are not cheap!

With Care Control’s electronic care planning effortless, effective and efficient daily care recording becomes a reality! It has been proven that by using Care Control time spent recording vital information is reduced and accuracy levels of the data you record are increased.

Care Control offers a complete care software package that is a one stop shop for recording and managing care within all care sectors – whether that is Residential, Nursing, Domiciliary or Supported Living. Care Control provides customisable software that supports your business to achieve that main goal of delivering outstanding care and gives complete visibility of your service!

You do not have to believe what I am saying just see it for yourself!

If you never see it, how can you know what it can do for your business? Book a demo today!

  1. All your care plan information in one place.
  2. Access to real-time critical care features
  3. Create bespoke risk assessments and monitoring forms.
  4. Easily log completed tasks for areas of monitoring
  5. Improve efficiencies and save time with remote recording.