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Care Control bolsters care management software offering with PainChek® integration

PainChek®, the world’s first regulatory-cleared medical device for pain assessment, and Care Control, the digital care management software provider, have today announced their integration at Health Plus Care – the UK’s leading collaborative event for the health and social care community.

The integration allows care providers to access PainChek®’s AI and smart automation technology through the Care Control software, enabling them to deliver best-practice pain assessment for all residents, including those who may be unable to verbally communicate their pain.

Designed for use within all types of care settings, Care Control’s cloud-based software incorporates electronic care planning, eMAR, HR management and compliance, reporting and analytics, and a ‘friends and family’ app that gives visibility of a loved one’s care plan, medication records and other key information to relatives. Care Control is an accredited supplier of NHSX Digital Social Care Records and is trusted by more than 37,000 carers in the UK.

By introducing PainChek® to the Care Control care management platform, care providers and staff now have a choice of multiple pain assessment interactions that facilitate proactive interventions at the point of care, to enhance care management, promote best practice, and improve care outcomes.

Tandeep Gill, PainChek®’s Head of Business Development UK&I, says: “We are delighted to launch our latest technical integration at Health plus Care: one of the industry’s leading events showcasing the newest developments and best practice solutions in health and social care. Our integration with Care Control will enable its clients to enhance their technology-enabled dementia care, by allowing them to identify and effectively manage pain, even when pain isn’t obvious. Greater reliability and continuity in pain assessment informs better decision-making at the point of care, ensuring more positive outcomes for care home residents.”

Amanda Hubbard, Head of Operations at Care Control, adds: “Care Control is pleased to announce our partnership with PainChek. This unique integration shares key pain analysis information directly into Care Control’s data, to implement proactive solutions over time. With the support of PainChek technology, we continue to empower care teams to enhance the already expert person-centred care they provide.”

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About PainChek:

PainChek® is the world’s first regulatory cleared medical device for the assessment of pain, enabling best-practice pain management for people living with pain in any environment, from those who cannot reliably self-report their pain, those who can, and for those whose ability to self-report their pain fluctuates.

PainChek’s vision is to give a voice to those who cannot reliably verbalise their pain.

The PainChek® app is available on smartphone and tablets and combines PainChek’s AI pain assessment tool, which intelligently automates the multidimensional pain assessment process, with the Numerical Rating Scale (NRS). This hybrid functionality allows accurate, consistent pain assessment at the point of care, and for care to be considered in PainChek’s detailed reporting suite, PainChek® Analytics.

Globally, PainChek® has attained regulatory clearance as a medical device in Australia, Canada, the European Union, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom, with FDA review in the United States currently in progress.

PainChek® is currently being used in over 1,500 aged care facilities, with more than one million digital pain assessments conducted to date, and is trusted by thousands of nurses, carers and clinicians.

Using PainChek®, facilities can:
  • Ensure greater consistency, continuity and diagnostic certainty in pain assessment and management by decreasing subjectivity and removing unintentional assessor bias
  • Streamline the pain assessment process for time-poor carers, with access to the PainChek® tool, the NRS, pain trends, and charting in one solution
  • Simplify record-keeping and documentation to demonstrate compliance and support funding claims, with all historical pain assessment data in one place
  • Enhance engagement with GPs and allied healthcare professionals

Clinical studies conducted in Australian and UK residential aged care centres have been published in various peer reviewed journals including Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. An article in BMC Geriatrics indicates that PainChek® is a valid and reliable instrument to assess the presence and severity of pain in people with moderate-to-severe dementia living in aged care in the UK. Further information on clinical studies can be found here. PainChek® has successfully supported accurate pain assessment and management for thousands of adults worldwide living with dementia, disability, or other conditions impacting their ability to self-report pain. Building on this success of this technology, the clinically validated PainChek® Infant app identifies and detects six facial action units indicative of post-procedural pain in infants aged one month to 12 months.

The PainChek® Infant app has received regulatory clearance in the UK, Australia, Europe, Singapore, Canada and New Zealand, with FDA review in the US currently in progress.

The need for PainChek as a best-practice pain management solution also extends to older people living at home and with access to home care packages that enable long-term home living. PainChek is now expanding into home care by partnering with home care and disability service providers.

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About Care Control:

Care Control Systems is a leading provider of innovative and user-friendly digital care management software.

We know that running a care setting can be complex and challenging, which is why we’ve developed innovative care software to simplify your operations and improve service user outcomes. We are dedicated to providing innovative care management solutions for all care providers.

Our passion for delivering exceptional customer service has always been at the heart of what we do. Our team is a unique blend of care and IT professionals so you can be sure we understand every aspect of care management and software solutions. This unique blend of expertise has allowed us to develop an all-in-one care management platform that is suitable for all care providers.

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