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Care Control Achieves NHS DSCR Accreditation

Care control systems achieve NHS DSCR accreditation for digital care management software


  • Achieved NHS Digital Social Care Records (DSCR) Accreditation.
  • One of the first digital care management systems to receive this status.
  • Previously joined the NHS assured list in 2022 as one of the pioneering digital social care providers.
  • Complies with 13 out of the 14 standards set by the NHS.
  • Pending integration of the 14th standard, GP Connect, to facilitate data sharing between GPs and care providers.

Digital Care Milestone


Care Control, a leading company in digital care management solutions, is very pleased to share a major success in care technology and data security. The company has achieved the NHS Digital Social Care Records (DSCR) Accreditation, making it one of the first digital care management systems to get this important status. This big achievement highlights Care Control’s strong commitment to improving care delivery with state-of-the-art technology and secure data handling.

From the start, Care Control has led the way in creating care management solutions that are strong, easy to use, and safe for the adult social care sector. Having met 13 of the 14 standards set by the NHS, Care Control is nearly ready to fully add the 14th standard, GP Connect. This will make sharing data between GPs and care providers smooth, improving care for people all over the UK.

This new accreditation adds to the company’s earlier achievement of being one of the first digital social care providers to join the NHS assured list in 2022. It marks a big step forward in Care Control’s goal to give care providers the best digital tools that focus on data safety, working together, and empowering care delivery.


A Promise to Quality and Safety


The NHS DSCR Accreditation proves Care Control’s commitment to the highest data security standards and ethical handling of information. At a time when data risks are a big concern, Care Control has shown great care in keeping sensitive care information safe, giving peace of mind to both care providers and those they look after.

Securing 13 out of 14 NHS Digital Social Care Records Standards represents a remarkable achievement. This milestone showcases the dedication and relentless effort of our team to elevate care standards. The final step; GP Connect is on the horizon, currently pending NHS approval. This achievement not only sets a new benchmark for excellence in digital care but also ensures that our customers and their care recipients benefit from unparalleled data security and care management. We’re not only leading the way but also reshaping what it means to comply in the care sector. – Care Control’s Director of Operations, Amanda Hubbard 


Adding GP Connect to Care Control’s services will change the care industry for the better. This feature allows for the instant sharing of patient records and important health information, leading to better decision-making, less paperwork, and better outcomes for service users.

Looking to the Future

Looking forward, Care Control remains dedicated to improving and bringing new ideas to the table. The company’s commitment to reaching and going beyond industry standards remains strong, as does its support for healthcare providers in giving the best care possible. With the NHS DSCR Accreditation, Care Control is ready to lead the way in making digital transformation in social care, making care more accessible, efficient, and safe for everyone.


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