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How can Care Control help kitchen staff?

Care Control wants to make all areas of running a care organisation easier – including running the kitchens, especially for kitchen staff and kitchen managers with the Care Control Menu feature. Service users can have many different dietary requirements, which on top of just taking the menu choices for them, can make mealtimes even more stressful for kitchen staff. The menu feature can help the kitchen staff, by having all the meal options in one place and only allowing certain options for service users to stop any accidents.  

Kitchen staff have full control with the menu feature

Kitchen staff have full control over what’s on the menu and can set menus for certain dates. They also can create menus for specific service users reducing the chances of mistakes in orders when it comes to allergies. With the kitchen staff able to control the menus themselves, it means they can edit them before the residents get to choose their food for the day if there is anything unavailable, reducing disappointment and last-minute rushes of trying to get meals together. They can also see if there are any trends in food choices and order specific ingredients and change the menus accordingly to make them more appealing to service users as well as reduce food waste.  

Giving control to the kitchen staff and them being able to change the menus at their fingertips for it to be sent across the whole organisation immediately, reduces the chance of any unnecessary mistakes being made when it comes to food or waste. Allowing for more efficient meal service and running of your care organisation.

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