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Looking Ahead to the BNF’s Healthy Eating Week

This year, the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) is hosting its 10th Healthy Eating Week, which will run from June 13th to June 17th. With this national event beginning imminently, the Care Control team has written a post that gives you everything you need to know about Healthy Eating Week, as well as how you can get involved. 


Read below to learn more about this superb event, as well as the different range of care services and solutions that Care Control provides. If you have any questions – then please do not hesitate to get in touch via the online form on our website. 


What is This Year’s Theme?


The BNF’s Healthy Eating Week 2022 is all about getting everyone of all ages and from all backgrounds fully engaged and enthusiastic about healthy eating. This year, the core message is ‘eat well for you and the planet’. There is a different theme every day of the week, so there are many things to learn and think about as you take part. From focusing on getting your ‘5 a day’ on Tuesday to staying hydrated on Thursday and limiting food waste on Friday, there is plenty to learn. 


Who Can Take Part?


Healthy Eating Week is for everyone, no matter their age. This means that it’s suitable for early years and school settings, to workplaces and community groups. It’s also ideal for care environments, where healthy eating is so incredibly important for ensuring a happier, healthier and more independent life. 


Reasons Why You Should Get Involved


There are so many reasons why you should get actively involved with the BNF’s Healthy Eating Week. First of all, this is a week that will bring everyone’s attention to healthier, and more sustainable diets. If it helps convert one individual to a healthier nutritional lifestyle, then this is ideal. What’s more, it demonstrates that you’re committed to supporting and promoting health. It sends out a great message that healthy eating is fundamental to a long, fulfilled life. 


How to Register


If you would like to get involved with the BNF’s Healthy Eating Week, then what you need to do next is complete the registration form on the website. You can sign up today, and you’ll receive email updates and plenty of resources for the entire week. 


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