Keeping your residents hydrated

In this hot weather make sure your residents stay hydrated. Dehydration in older people increases their risk of health problems such as urinary tract infections and pressure ulcers. For those with dementia, dehydration can lead to more challenging behaviour.  It can also lead to unplanned hospital admissions and in some cases even death.

The CQC have recognised the power of Care Control to help keep residents hydrated and healthy: “This technology [Care Control] proved effective in monitoring people’s fluid/food intake which supported staff in helping people to maintain good health.” CQC inspection report for Albany House, rated Outstanding.

With Care Control it’s never been easier to record and monitor fluid intake for your residents.  The system alerts staff when a resident falls below their fluid intake requirement, allowing care staff to respond and avoid untoward events caused by dehydration.  Our Screens app monitors residents who are on high frequency monitoring, such as fluid intake.  At a quick glance you can see the fluid consumed by each resident and identify if a resident hasn’t been offered fluid as per the defined frequency.



Top tips for keeping your residents hydrated:
1. Improve hydration awareness for staff and residents.

2. Encourage optimum hydration though the use of individual drinking regimes to meet the hydration needs of all residents.

3. Ensure there is access to clean drinking water and hot drinks 24 hours a day.

4. Use a digital care management system to give you instant oversight of fluid intake for your residents.

5. Have a range of beverages available and ask your residents what they would like to drink. For those that are unable to express a preference, keep track of drinks they appear to prefer and record in their care plan.


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