Care Control allows residents and loved ones to stay in touch and share memories 

Care Control ‘Friends and Family’ app has become one of the most used parts of our care planning software. During the Covid19 crisis the app kept residents in touch with their loved ones helping to bridge the gap between care homes and families.

Authorised family members can view care plans, check personal allowance balance, or add information such as photo’s, videos, and reminders. This aspect of the app is particularly helpful if a family member takes their loved ones out for the day, allowing them to upload information on food or drink consumption.

Care professionals can leave updates, diaries appointments, log daily wellbeing and a whole lot more! Our care planning software puts the service user at the heart of what matters and allows relatives to gain reassurance that their loves one is being well taken care of.

What do family members have to say about Care Control?

We had a wonderful review from a resident’s family member at Blackdown Nursing Home, Tavistock.

“The Care Control App has enabled me and my family to feel close to our loved one when we have been unable to be. Especially over the last few years, it has been tough having a relative in a care home and being unable to visit regularly and easily. The app made it possible to share with my granddad, his newborn great granddaughter even when they could not meet in person. He was able to see her smile and first steps at a time when we could not even see him through a window. Thank you for enabling us to share our lives with him when it seemed impossible to do so.”

Becca, Residents Granddaughter