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Knitting benefits for seniors

Apart from being an enjoyable hobby, knitting and crochet has many benefits on the physical body as well as psychological one. It’s believed that knitting slows down the progress of dementia.


The impact of knitting on the body has mostly been compared to that of meditations as it allows the person practicing it to feel at ease. This calmness comes from the fact that after the body gets used to the repetitive motions, they become more relaxed and stress-free.


One of the best ways to keep yourself busy is to start knitting. Most elder people usually have a lot of spare time that can easily translate to boredom. Knitting for elderly therefore helps them focus on something else that uses their creativity to enhance their skills.


Most elderly people struggle with memory loss issues whether they are short term or long term. At that age, most face conditions such as dementia that causes memory impairment. With knitting, the person gives their brains a challenge which helps in keeping the brain sharp.

Free knitting patterns

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