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Improving Staff Communication with Care Control

Staff communication is an essential part of running any organisation, but even more so in care. Good communication between staff allows for a clear exchange of information and instructions on care needs. It is essential that staff can communicate information concerning medicine dosages, delivery timings and any changes or incidents that may happen during the day.

Any communication within social care settings needs to be clear, consistent, and accessible for it to be effective. Care Control has multiple features including an internal messaging system to help improve communication between staff. Read on to find out how it can improve your staff communication.

Internal Messaging System

Inform, communicate and manage your staff more effectively and efficiently, using our Internal Messaging system. Using real-time information, potential issues can be flagged immediately, so you can quickly respond to your HR priorities as and when required. When first logging on any new messages will appear on-screen stopping staff from missing any new information or updates that have occurred whilst they have not been on their shift. Allowing staff to be kept up to date and reducing the chance of any incidents occurring due to lack of communication.

Medication Management Software

Our medication management software is designed to allow care providers to quickly access vital information on prescribed medicines, past and current prescriptions and when medication was last administered, enabling caregivers to always deliver person-centred care.

As this information can be instantly accessed by approved users from their smartphone, tablet or PC, it’s a clear and effective way of communicating the medication delivery and dosages, for all staff to understand. The data updates in real-time too, so you can make and view updates to eMar whether you’re in the office, on the road or making a home visit. Again, this is designed to reduce the chance of error, such as overdosing or missing someone’s medication, due to staff communication or lack of.

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