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Improving Quality of Care With an Electronic Medication Management System

When you operate a business in the care sector, managing the medication process is undeniably important and it’s key to ensure you have a suitable system in place to help you. It’s highly recommended that you update any paper-based and outdated medication management solutions to a cloud-based electronic system that can be used throughout your business, to ensure you keep your high-quality of care. 


The all-in-one eMar (electronic medication administration record) system we offer at Care Control Systems will provide you with all of your essential medication information at the touch of a button. Having this system implemented can help you to improve the quality of care you’re providing, whether this is in a residential home or out in the community, and it’s an effective way to manage your clients’ medication requirements. 


Reduce the likelihood of medication errors


Patient safety is of the utmost importance and reducing the risk of medication errors should be a priority. Implementing an electronic medication management system can make administering medication much simpler and your care team will have access to the vital information they need to prevent common mistakes. You can even set up prompts and alerts to ensure that client’s medication requirements are being met and you’re remaining compliant. 


Our eMar system is designed to provide your care team with controls to prevent overdose too and reducing medication errors will help to keep your clients safe and healthy. It is much easier to provide person-centred care when you’re using a real-time system. 


Provide convenient access to medical records


Traditionally, all clinical information and medical records were paper-based, and would be stored in a secure location on-site. Upgrading the way you store important records will make it easier for care teams to keep up with the latest medical changes. 


When your team has access to electronic medical records, they can quickly retrieve information about both past and current prescribed medications, and they can double-check the electronic medication management system if they ever need clarification about medication. Maintaining accurate and up-to-date medication records is crucially important, and it will enable your care team to provide the quality of care your clients deserve. 


Prevent the need for paper-based systems


In this digital age, lots of businesses are moving away from paper-based systems and there are several benefits to doing so. Not only can using a digital medical management system help to reduce your carbon footprint, but it can prevent important documents from getting misplaced or lost. Not to mention, it will reduce the time it takes your team to find the information they require.


Our eMar system will help you to streamline operations and it can be used on a smartphone, tablet or PC. Your care team will have instant access to a range of information, wherever they are, and this information will be updated in real-time. An electronic medication management system will significantly reduce lengthy administration times. 


Monitor all medication administration


Keeping track of when medications were administered and by whom can be time-consuming, yet it is essential. Moving this process to an electronic medication system will make recording when medication was last administered much more straightforward and all of this important information can be kept in an easily accessible, cloud-based, centralised system. 


In addition to your care team using an electronic medication management system, you can use the same system to monitor and oversee medication throughout your business. You can receive alerts if mistakes are made or medication stocks are low and generally keep track of medication. This comprehensive oversight can help you to maintain high standards of client care. 


Investing in an electronic medication management system


There are so many benefits to incorporating a new electronic medication management system into your operations and our team at Care Control Systems can answer any questions you may have about our eMar system. We pride ourselves on designing cloud-based care software that revolutionises operations in standard, niche and complex care settings, and you can invest in our modern solutions in confidence. To date, our software is used by more than 37,000 care providers and it’s a reliable option to consider for your business. 


To arrange a free, no-obligation demonstration of our electronic medication management system, get in touch with us today. Call our experts on 01822 738100 or email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


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