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Frequently Asked Questions

Your FAQs are answered!

When it comes to switching up your care management system, it’s natural to have lots of questions. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of FAQs to help answer some of the queries you may have.

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Whether you’re curious to learn more about using our care management software, want to know what our security policies are or simply want to know what our software can do, you’re in the right place!

If you’ve got a question that hasn’t been answered in the FAQs below, please get in touch with us. Our team will provide you with any information you may require.

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What is Care Management Software?

Care management software is the term give to a digital method of recording day-to-day information and essential care plan data. An electronic replacement for paper-based recording systems, care management software keeps all your valuable data in one place to ensure information can be easily accessed by staff.

Rather than relying on staff manually writing (and deciphering in some cases!) actions and handovers to make sure the needs of residents are met, care management software allows users to check boxes and type notes up instead for ease of use. These kinds of digital care planning systems can also automatically generate reminders and enable care providers to have instant access to care notes, audits and observations, keeping staff up to date at all times.

Electronically recording observations, medication dosages and daily tasks means that your records are consistent, easily accessible, and secure. There’s no more searching back through pages of records to find the information you need or trying to read hurried handwriting! Reminders and alerts are automatically generated by the system – something paper simply can’t do! This reduces the risk of busy staff missing key actions and allows managers to easily get a complete overview of what’s been done or what needs to be actioned.

Here at Care Control, we use a fully secure storage system. This means all your data is safe and accessible via the Cloud, removing the need for costly physical storage. Digitising your records means you can be safe in the knowledge that they’re organised and easily accessible, in case of review, regulatory inspection, or an enquiry from the resident’s family.

We understand that care staff are incredibly busy. We also recognise that some may be resistant to change, because they think it will be more hassle for them. That’s why we make the transition as smooth as possible with comprehensive training and ongoing support. We can also provide hardware (tablet computers, TV screens etc) with the Care Control system already set up to save you time. Please contact us for costs.

No, our software is really intuitive and easy to use! In fact, Care Control software has been specifically designed to be as user friendly as possible. Many carers already using our software describe it as being as easy as using their mobile phone! We understand that some carers aren’t confident using mobile devices or computers, so we’ve designed the system with them in mind.

Our system uses secure log ins to make sure data is only accessible to the people who should be viewing it. We also have robust security systems in place to keep your resident’s data safe. If you need any specific information on the security Care Control uses, please contact us.

Yes, in fact this is one of the features our customers find particularly helpful! Care Control’s system allows you to give a service user’s family-controlled access to their records via the app, so they can see the care their family member is receiving.

Our care management system is designed to operate on any tablet, mobile device, or desktop computer. You can use your own devices and load the Care Control software onto it if you prefer. Alternatively, you can buy devices from us that already have the software installed and are locked down to prevent the use of other apps.

Yes, we do. We’ll provide you and your team with training before you go live with the system, as well as ongoing support while you use it. There is also Care Control Academy, an e-learning platform to support training for all members of staff. We also offer free system updates and new releases over the life of your account with us.

Unlike many other care planning tools on the market, our system was built by a care home owner with an in-depth understanding of the challenges and needs of the industry. Our first-hand experience has helped us to develop our system, making it easy-to-use, easy to set up and packed with all the features a busy care team needs.

Absolutely, as long as you are using it correctly. This means that your team will need to accurately record their actions and that you as a business have put person-centred care plans in place. If used as intended, Care Control software can help provide a clear audit trail for provable compliance. Many of the homes already using our software have seen improvements to their ratings, and we have many inspection report citations highlighting the benefits the system has brought to carer staff and service users. We have seen various CQC reports which reference the positive impact Care Control has made to services.

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