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Powerful, comprehensive and CQC compliant, our care planning system has been built for care professionals by care professionals. Designed to run on PCs, Care Control for computers gives you full functionality to access and manage all aspects of your care service. From income management and business intelligence to payroll and compliance, our all-in-one solution can truly help to transform your care business.

Our care planning system for PCs provides Managers and Owners with the opportunity to see what is happening within their organisation – at any level. You can quickly and easily access care plans and customise every aspect of your Care Control system in line with your organisation’s requirements.

Over the years, many of our customers have achieved great things as a result of using our care planning system.

Regulatory bodies such as CQC expect comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date information to be available at all times. Our customers have been able to identify specific areas where Care Control has helped them achieve regulatory compliance. Using our electronic care planning software customers are able to spend more time with their service users whilst confident that key compliance metrics are being met.

The Benefits of Our Care Planning System

Streamline your processes and gain efficiency

Our care planning system offers care providers a complete software solution. Suitable for business owners, managers and care staff to use, you have access to a wealth of functionality, right at your fingertips.

Some highlights include:

  • In-depth reports, analytics and real-time data.
  • Manage all aspects of your business with Desktop, laptop and PC.
  • Run cost of care analyses and monitor cash flow with our Income Management tools.
  • Customise the system to suit your needs and requirements.
  • Create rotas, process payroll and create training logs – all in one app!

One of the best aspects of our care planning software is how easy it is to use. We can set your system up in just 24 hours and you can start using it straight away – it really is that simple and intuitive! Plus, we deliver ongoing training to ensure you’re getting the most from your system and that you fully understand how to use it. We’re always on hand to provide support and assistance if you need it.

Why Choose our Care Planning System?

Transform your business with Care Control

Our care planning system offers the industry the opportunity to effortlessly modernise its processes and enter the digital age.

Designed by care professionals for care professionals, we’ve built our system using our first-hand industry experience. We know the demands placed upon the care industry and understand what care providers are looking for in care management software. With this in mind, we’ve built a user-friendly, effective and comprehensive tool that can completely replace your old paper-based systems.

Our care planning system is fully compliant with CQC and other regulatory bodies and allows you to centralise your valuable data, ensuring everything you need is kept in one place. Rather than having to complete (or decipher!) messy log books or printouts, absolutely everything can be recorded via our software. Our care planning system will completely transform your administrative processes, so your team have more time to focus on what they do best – delivering person-centred care.

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