Care Management App for Tablet Devices

Market-leading care management software for tablets

Care Control For Tablets

Digital care planning made easy

Our care management app has been designed specifically for tablet devices and offers full access to our suite of care planning and business support tools.

Our care management app is the perfect accompaniment to any care setting, from care homes to supported living services and many other service types. The Care Control tablet app is especially valuable in nursing homes and residential homes that have ‘tablet stations’ in different areas, so staff can access the software whenever they need it.  Whether you want to update eMAR to record administered medications or you need to edit a care plan, our care management app is ideal for all your daily care recordings.

The Benefits of Our Care Management App

Improve efficiencies and work smarter

If you’re looking to move away from old, paper-based record keeping and into a modern, digital system then our care management app is the ideal choice. User friendly and easy to navigate, Care Control for tablets is an all-in-one solution to help you transform your care business. Giving care providers access to a wealth of useful functionality, you can easily access care plans, medication information and create audits – all within the same app.

Some highlights include:

  • Access your information anytime, from anywhere!
  • Designed to work with tablet-sized devices (i.e. iPad, Kindle).
  • Compatible with Android, Apple and Microsoft operating systems.
  • Easily record and access all forms of care information.
  • Simple to sign in, sign out and read messages or updates.

Our care management app will be up and running within 24 hours and you can use it straight away! We provide our clients with ongoing training and a bespoke plan before you make the switch, so you won’t need to sit though dull presentations or wade through instruction books. Our system is intuitive and responsive, so anyone can get to grips with it – regardless of their technical proficiency.

Why Choose our Care Management App?

Revolutionising your care provision

If your care organisation is in need of a simple, effective way to streamline your processes and modernise procedures, then our care management app is the ideal solution.

Designed by care professionals for care professionals, we’ve built our system using our first-hand industry experience. We know the demands placed upon the care industry and understand what care providers are looking for in care management software. With this in mind, we’ve built a user-friendly, effective and comprehensive tool that can completely replace your old paper-based systems.

Compliant with regulatory requirements, our care management app allows you to create and update care plans, assessments and medication information at the touch of a button. Compatible with a wide range of tablet devices, our easy-to-use software will completely revolutionise your admin processes, leaving you more time for what matters – delivering person-centred care. It really couldn’t be easier to use Care Control on your tablet device!

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