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How to use our care management software

Are you thinking of elevating your business with our digital care planning software? Wondering how to use our innovative solutions? Then you’re in the right place!

As a recognised industry leader, we’ve designed our software to work effectively on a wide range of devices. Whether you need a system that carers can access whilst on shift, a comprehensive office-based system or something that can be deployed across your network of care facilities, Care Control is the answer.

As experienced care professionals ourselves, we’ve built our system to address the needs of the entire care sector. Whether you’re a care home, a domiciliary care provider, a nursing home or a supported living agency, you can be sure that our innovative care management software will address your needs.

Read on to learn more about how to use Care Control on a range of different devices!

Implementation: Image of a person using Care Control on a smartphone.

Care Control for Smartphones

Powerful yet easy to use, Care Control Pocket is the ideal solution for carers on the move.

Our handy app can be installed on any smartphone device to provide access to our suite of care management tools. All of your essential care data is at your fingertips – pretty impressive for a device that can fit in your pocket!

How to Use: Image of a nurse demonstrating Care Control software on a tablet.

Care Control for

Care Control for tablets is the ideal solution for the whole care sector.

From care homes to domiciliary care settings, care providers can instantly access patient data as well as the full suite of Care Control tools and analytics. Powerful and intuitive, our care management software can take you to the next level.

How to Use: Image of a person using Care Control's invoicing system on a laptop.

Care Control for

Care Control for PCs is perfect for office-based care providers, managers and business owners.

Our software offers a complete and comprehensive solution to help streamline processes, letting you focus on delivering high-quality care. You can access analytical data and manage all aspects of your care service all in one user-friendly product!

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