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Care Delivery

for Residential Homes

Navigating the intricate landscape of managing your Residential care services can be a challenge.

Discover how Care Control, an NHS-assured supplier, can help your residential care home deliver consistent care and seamless business operations, saving you time and money.

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Why Care Control is the Perfect Fit for Your Residential Care Home

Care Control originated from the vision of our founder and Managing Director, Matt Luckham. Following the acquisition of Spring House Residential Home in 2010, Matt identified the need for a digital care management solution to enhance efficiency and simplicity in operational processes. Driven by the commitment to deliver essential and precise information to stakeholders, staff, and regulatory bodies, Matt embarked on the development of the inaugural version of Care Control.

The key
benefits of
Care Control

Care Control offers a complete set of tools to manage both daily care and business operations efficiently.

Navigate and search across different care service sites effortlessly with Care Control’s global search feature. Seamlessly manage your care service with ease.

Promotes real-time collaboration among care teams, ensuring a unified approach to care management.

Designed to grow with your residential care home, adapting to changing needs and expanding services.

Use Care Control Insights for deep data analysis, identifying care trends and evaluating potential risks.

Care Control helps identify and address risks, with automatic daily audits ensuring compliance and quality care.

Our software integrates with multiple health and social care suppliers, providing you access to the best tools on the market.

Specifically designed for small to medium-sized residential care homes, ensuring a perfect fit for your needs.

How Care Control Supports Your Residential Home

Care Control’s care management software offers a comprehensive suite of care solutions and business applications, providing all the tools you need to efficiently manage daily care and business operations.

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