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Empowering Large Care Groups

Navigating the intricate landscape of managing multiple care services can be a challenge. Discover how Care Control can help you deliver consistent care and seamless business operations.

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Software built to work at scale

Compare data across multiple sites to identify trends or evaluate risks.

Work simultaneously with your team on reporting elements with live collaboration.

With direct messaging tools, your team can communicate more effectively with one another.

With access to multiple HR and business tools built into the Care Control software know that your management teams can easily create rotas, run payroll, and keep on top of staff training.

Care Control completes daily audits automatically notifying you if things are missing or need attention.

Care Control Insights

Care Control Insights is our interactive reporting tool designed to empower you with in-depth analysis of the data stored within your Care Control software.

With Insights, you gain a comprehensive overview of activities across your expansive care group, coupled with the flexibility to delve into specific single-site or multi-site data. Effortlessly analyse data from individual sites or across your entire network

Features that set us apart

  • Seamless Team Collaboration: Effortlessly collaborate with multiple teams simultaneously.
  • Live Report Commentary: Engage in real-time by commenting on live reports and seamlessly share insights with your care teams.
  • Intuitive Trend Identification: Easily discern trends and evaluate potential risks with just a few simple clicks.
  • Outcome-Oriented Reporting: Run comprehensive reports to identify and assess how your dedicated care teams are actively contributing to improved outcomes in care.

Recommended parters

We work with multiple suppliers within the health and social care industry to make sure you are equipped with the best tools on the market. We highly recommend the below suppliers who integrate seamlessly with our software.

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