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Empowering Care Delivery for Domiciliary Care Services

Navigating the intricate landscape of managing your domiciliary care service can be a challenge.

Discover how Care Control, an NHS-assured supplier, can help your domiciliary care agency deliver consistent care and seamless business operations, saving you time and money.

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Bring Your Home Care Business into the Digital Age

Transform your care provision

If you’re looking to bring your domiciliary care business into the digital age, look no further than Care Control! Our bespoke domiciliary care software has been designed to give home care providers a complete business management solution.

With everything from eMar and care plans to payroll and compliance management functionality accessible at the touch of a button, our app can truly revolutionise your business. Care Control supports domiciliary care businesses of various sizes, and you can be confident that our domiciliary care software will help you to overcome your daily challenges. We pride ourselves on our innovation, fresh thinking and responsive approach to the care sector’s changing demands and needs.

The Benefits of Care Control

Simple and effective digital care planning software

Designed by care professionals for care professionals, our domiciliary care software is here to make all aspects of your service more streamlined. With a wealth of practical, useful, and market-leading features and functions, our innovative software offers an all-in-one solution.

Here are just a few reasons to choose our domiciliary care software:


Managers can gain total visibility of day-to-day activities, so they’re always kept in the loop.


Effectively manage your team by linking Care Control Roster and Payroll to all daily allocated tasks.


Provides real-time management information, with check-in/check-out functionality for staff.


Helps to improve communication and allows you to set up alerts and notifications.


Allows you to easily share evidence of the support provided to clients with Social Services and other agencies.

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