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Adult Day Care Software

Simple and easy-to-use software to record attendance and activities.

Adult daycare providers are making the transition from paper-based recording systems to digital solutions. Even if you are not recording care, documenting an individual’s support is vital within their personal support plans.

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Care Control offers modern, easy-to-use software tailored for Adult Day Care providers, empowering them to:

Efficiently manage tasks with intuitive features that streamline operations.

Every person you support has their own personal profile equipped with engagement tools to build up life stories.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to Care Control. With in-depth analytics automatically generated for you, you can be sure to keep on top of an individual’s support plans. View the data points that matter most to you and allow them to inform your decision-making.

Our cost-of-care analysis feature allows you to seamlessly calculate how much an individual’s care or support will cost. This is the perfect tool for presenting funding cases to local councils.

Empower families to stay connected and informed through the Care Control Family and Friends app, ensuring peace of mind knowing their loved ones receive top-tier care.

Enhancing Adult Day Care with Care Control Software

Enhancing Adult Day Care with Care Control Software provides a straightforward analysis of how care control software significantly improves the efficiency and quality of adult day care services. The key functionalities of Care Control Software enable this, areas such as: scheduling, medication management, activity logging, and communication enhancements between staff, clients and their families.

It emphasises the software’s role in facilitating personalised care plans, ensuring regulatory compliance, and enabling real-time tracking and reporting.

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