Earth Day – Reduce Your Care Home’s Carbon Footprint


Earth Day – Reduce Your Care Home’s Carbon Footprint

Switching from paper to electronic is a simple way to not only save paper and help reduce your carbon footprint but also save time and money!

Since Care Control was founded in 2016 we have helped care providers across the UK to replace over 3 million sheets of paper with electronic records; saving a lot of trees! If you were to stack up these sheets of paper the height is equivalent to 79 double-decker buses – think of the storage space saved, not to mention the printing costs! By going paperless, Care Control and its customers have made a carbon saving of 187,977kg!

There are many other benefits to going paperless, these include:

Save time – Searching through paper documents is time consuming but with Care Control you can quickly access the information you need at the touch of a button; giving you back the most precious resource of all.

Save money – By going paperless you eliminate the cost of printing, managing and storing paper-based records.

Visibility – Everyone involved in care delivery has instant access to real-time information, enabling you to monitor and improve the quality of care.

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