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3 easy steps to secure essential funding for your digital care management system

learning how to access funding for a digital social care records systems. Funded by the NHS for care providers in the UK

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) is committed to revolutionising the social care sector through the ‘Adult Social Care Digital Transformation Fund.’ With an ambitious goal to have 80% of CQC registered providers equipped with a digital social care record (DSCR) by March 2024, this initiative marks a pivotal shift from traditional paper-based systems to advanced digital solutions. For care providers aiming to make this essential transition, securing funding is made accessible by selecting a supplier endorsed by the NHS.

Choosing the right supplier for digital care management: 

Care Control, accredited by the NHS as one of the select assured suppliers, recommends scheduling a 30-minute demonstration with each supplier. This will help you determine which one aligns best with the needs of your care business. You can access information on all assured suppliers here.

Finding your local ICS:

If you would like to access funding to set up your chosen digital solution, contact your local Integrated Care System (ICS). ICSs are partnerships of organisations that come together to plan and deliver joined-up health and care services in an area. ICSs have replaced Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

Each ICS sets their own priorities and processes for applying for funding. To find your local ICS click here. 

Understanding funding opportunities:

If you opt for Care Control as your digital care management provider, our dedicated team is ready to assist you through the funding process. Emma, our experienced Funding Administrator at Care Control, specialises in NHS and Integrated Care System (ICS) funding. With years of expertise in the adult social care sector, Emma comprehends the challenges faced by care providers in securing funding for digital care solutions. She is here to guide you, answer your questions, and offer valuable assistance at every step. Emma is knowledgeable about various funding streams, including the Digital Transformation Fund, available through the NHS and ICS. She will collaborate closely with you to identify the most suitable funding options based on your care setting’s needs and priorities, ensuring you understand the application process.

Interested in looking at how Care Control can support you in your digital care journey? Click here to book your demonstration.




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