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£25 Million of funding to be available to adult social care providers for digital care software

In December 2021 Digital Social Care announced there would be £150m of funding to drive digitisation across adult social care. Digital Social Care has announced they are making a total of £25 million available for Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) in 2022/23. This funding will allow adult social care providers to adopt digital technologies than can transform care.

The funding, announced in June, as part of the Plan for Digital Health and Care will enable the scaling of digital social care technology across England. ICS teams are working with local authorities and care providers in their area to develop plans to:

  1. Increase uptake of digital social care records (DSCR), also known as digital care plans, to ensure data is captured at the point of care and can be shared between care settings
  2. Roll-out sensor based falls prevention and detection technologies for those most at risk of falls, to reduce the frequency and severity of falls-related injuries resulting in hospital admissions;
  3. Test other care technologies based on local need to further develop understanding of what works.


What is the Digitising Social Care Records Programme?

The Digitising Social Care Records Programme at the NHS Transformative Directorate launched an Assured Supplier Lists to support adult social care providers in England.  The assured supplier list enables quicker, easier and more informed purchasing processes for social care providers and other organisations. It is managed by the NHS Transformation Directorate, who provide expert advice and guidance to social care providers. The assured supplier list was commissioned by the Department of Health and Social Care.



How do I access the funding?

In the coming weeks more information will be available on the Digital Social Care website to find out how you can access funding.



How can Care Control Systems help?

Care Control is accredited by NHSX and is one of seven assured suppliers as part of the Digital Social Care Records (DSCR) on their Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS). Our passion for health technology is being recognised. We are so excited to share our Care Management Software with a wider audience within the care community and beyond. With this big achievement we are embracing our growth, service and amazing team!



Searching For a Provider of CQC Compliance Software?

Here at Care Control, we provide first-class care management software solutions that you can trust. We offer CQC Compliance Software that enables you to record and track CQC compliance with the click of a button. Our easy-to-use software package allows you to centralise all of your important information, and it has been designed and built with user simplicity in mind. It can work seamlessly on a broad array of device types, so it is an ideal asset for all care home staff, domiciliary carers and support workers too.

From being able to manage risk assessments and care plans to integrity checks and quality assurance documents, you’ll be able to view and ensure complete compliance across your care business with our high-quality compliance software. If you are interested in acquiring our care management software, and you’d like to learn more about how it can benefit your organisation, then please feel free to complete the online form on our website.

You can also call us on 01822 738100 to chat with a member of the Care Control team. We can answer any questions you have, provide you with more details about our different services, and help you obtain the ideal solution for your needs and requirements.





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