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How is digital care planning data driving the future in adult social care?

Assured NHSX suppliers set to help adult social care providers transform their care settings

You may have heard that NHSx funding has become available to regulated Adult Social Care settings in the UK. This funding is being made available for care organisations to adopt digital technologies within their care settings. So, we wanted to take some time to explain why digital technologies and data are so important within care.

Numbers and graphs can look intimidating to most people, especially when we don’t understand what they mean. But what if I told you there is nothing to fear and that all that data can be one of your most powerful tools?

During the pandemic one of the most insightful tools, we had at our advantage was data. Data helped identify those who were most vulnerable to coronavirus helping them shield and therefore protect themselves and their families.

We all remember tuning into the news every evening watching politicians and scientists talk about what the data was showing them and potentially predicting. Before the pandemic, the population’s health was already suffering through stalled improvements in life expectancy and widening health inequalities.


So why is data within social care so important?



Supporting people within a care setting means you are dealing with those who have a range of different health and well-being needs. Not everyone is the same and being able to record accurate care plans, medication records, and incidents allow us to build a profile of analysis on the individual. Building this profile of data can help us identify trends and patterns or highlight if an individual is deteriorating or improving.

Logging correct and detailed information can also ensure there are fewer mistakes.  With digital care we are now able to input information in only a few moments, allowing no room for error. Paper-based care planning limits how much information you can log and limits what you can use as evidence. For example, if a service user took a fall and bruised their arm, with a digital system we could upload an image of the injury, log all the essential details, and set alerts to monitor the individual.


Promoting transparency

Having accurate data ready at all times, means there are no hidden surprises. The Care Act has a strong focus on making sure the right information is available at the time they need it. When looking into digital care planning bear in mind other users who could use the software. Friends and Family has become one of the most used parts of Care Controls care planning software. Users have been able to bridge the gap between care settings and families via our family update system. The app makes sharing memories as personal as possible and gives you control on how much families can see.

Families can check personal allowance balances and add relevant information, such as photos, videos, and reminders. Care professionals can leave updates, diary appointments, log daily well-being and so much more. This person-centered software solution puts the service users at the heart of the matter and allows relatives to gain reassurance that their loved one is being looked after with care.

Digital care planning with service users in mind 

When care settings have access to a service user’s up-to-date care data, they can provide more efficient, higher quality, safer more effective personalised care. When care professionals and care providers have access to care data they can redesign better care pathways, improve care, gain insights for strategic planning and organisational quality improvement, and utilise their workforce resources more efficiently.



Searching For a Provider for Digital Care Planning Software?

Here at Care Control, we provide first-class care management software solutions that you can trust. We offer Digital Care Planning software that enables you to record and track CQC compliance with the click of a button. Our easy-to-use software package allows you to centralise all your important information, and it has been designed and built with user simplicity in mind. It can work seamlessly on a broad array of device types, so it is an ideal asset for all care home staff, domiciliary carers, and support workers too.

From being able to manage risk assessments and care plans to integrity checks and quality assurance documents, you’ll be able to view and ensure complete compliance across your care business with our high-quality compliance software. If you are interested in acquiring our care management software, and you’d like to learn more about how it can benefit your organisation, then please feel free to complete the online form on our website.

You can also call us on 01822 738100 to chat with a member of the Care Control team. We can answer any questions you have, provide you with more details about our different services, and help you obtain the ideal solution for your needs and requirements.



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