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Dealing With Loss As a Carer

Grief affects people in many different ways. There is no single way that grief presents itself, but if you have recently experienced a loss as a carer, then it’s important that you get the bereavement support you need. In this post, the Care Control team takes a look at how you can deal with loss if you’re a carer.

What is Grief?


Grief is a word which describes the feelings we feel after someone close to us has passed away. Our thoughts and feelings are constantly changing, and one day, we might feel strongly about what has happened. Other times, we might be able to cope better and not be as affected by our feelings. 


Grief presents itself in a number of ways such as shock and numbness, anger, guilt, loneliness, sadness and fear. It can affect us physically – making it difficult for us to eat, sleep and concentrate. If you’re currently dealing with a loss as a carer, then it’s likely that you’ll be experiencing grief. Our team mentions a few tips below to help make it easier to cope. 


Tips for Dealing with Loss


There are a number of things that you can do, as a carer, to deal with your loss. First of all, you can ask for support from others. Whether it be a close family member, friend, GP or neighbour, you can speak to others and get support through this difficult time. It’s crucial that you don’t isolate yourself, as this will make you feel worse. Talking to people will help you cope better, and allow you to see the situation in a different way. 


As a carer, you can find support from local carer groups and services. There will be other carers who have gone through similar life experiences, and this will help you as you adjust. Furthermore, you can stay connected to the person who has passed. For example, you can continue to talk about the person, share stories and visit a place which holds special memories. Staying connected to the person you’ve cared for will allow you to remember all the special moments you experienced with them. 


Finally, it’s important to remember to look after yourself. Being a carer and experiencing grief can be a hugely tiring process. So, it’s vital that you try to take some time to support yourself. This means eating properly, setting time aside to relax, and doing regular exercise. All of these things can help improve your mind.


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