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CQC Single Assessment Framework – How does it affect your care setting?

What does this mean for your care setting?

Earlier this year the CQC announced they’re introducing a new single assessment framework. As a care provider, it’s vital you understand this new inspection method, and how it impacts your care setting. Their new approach includes assessing providers using the new assessment framework, supported by a new provider portal.

When should we expect a CQC inspection?

The CQC regularly monitors all adult social care providers. The current system sees inspectors visit providers on the bases of their previous rating and CQC risk analysis. These inspections are put in place to ensure that health and social care services are providing their clients with care that is safe, effective, caring, responsive, and well-led.

For example – if a care setting received a required improvement rating, they are more likely to receive a visit from an inspector sooner that a home that is rated as outstanding.

CQC New Inspection Model

In August, the CQC will invite a group of providers to log into a new portal. This group will be able to explore the functionality of the portal as part of a new range of digital services that should make it easier to interact with the CQC. The CQC aims to roll out the new portal to all providers in phases from September.

The CQC have expressed that their digital services are important to them. They want to streamline how they collect data to support their new approach to regulation, as this will help them asses in a smarter, more consistent way.

From November 2023 the CQC plan to use their new assessment framework. This will be rolled out regionally, starting with providers in the South of England. Any assessments for these providers will be carried out using the new framework.

The CQC will only schedule an assessment with your care setting based on factors such as the level of risk, so not all providers will have an immediate assessment.

The South refers to services registered in these counties: Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Kent, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Surrey, Sussex, and Wiltshire.

We are not based in the South of England, when can we expect a visit?

If you are not based in the South of England, the CQC will continue to use their current assessment framework until the roll-out of the new framework in complete. Here at Care Control, we will continue to monitor this and update you when we know more.

What do providers need to do?

The CQC will contact each provider when it is time to join the new portal. In the meantime, they ask all providers to ensure that their contact details for their organisation are up to date. This will ensure they invite the right people to join the new portal and keep them informed about the roll-out of the new regulatory approach.

How can I find out more about this new framework?

The CQC have updated their guidance about the changes in the way they regulate. All providers will need to read this guidance, as it will answer questions to help prepare for assessment under the new framework. The CQC will continue to update this over the coming weeks and months.


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