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How is the CQC changing?

The CQC is developing a new regulatory model based on a single assessment framework. The plan is to implement the new framework later this year. Alongside this work, they are developing a new provider portal, set to launch in 2023.

From recent communication the care quality commission state in 2023 they will launch a comprehensive communication campaign. The aim of this is to ensure all health and social care providers and professionals understand what these changes are, what they mean, and what care professionals need to do to prepare for the changes being implemented.

Last year the CQC release this plan for their approach to transformation. The care quality commission laid out their approach on how they will deliver their strategy stating they are making complex and important changes:


  1. Introducing a new regulatory approach for health and care providers, integrated care systems, and local authorities
  2. Establishing a new Regulatory Leadership team to shape our priorities and drive improvement
  3. Changing how our operational teams are structured to better deliver our regulatory activity
  4. Delivering a new and improved provider portal.


They declare they want to drive improvements across the health and care system. To do this they state they need to take time to work in partnerships with their stakeholder and be clear about what is changing and what is not.


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