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Why Choose Our Nursing Home Accounting Software?

Whether you run a single nursing home or are a large-scale care organisation with multiple care homes, managing your finances is of the utmost importance. It’s essential that you can precisely stay on top of your income stream. An excellent way to oversee your finances is to utilise a nursing home accounting software solution. This type of software product comes with a myriad of modern features that make it smooth and straightforward to keep your finances in order.


Here at Care Control, we provide a dedicated care home accounting software solution that powers simple financial management. If you’re interested and would like to know more – then we’ve helpfully written an easy-to-read post that looks at all the big benefits of choosing our solution. Have a read for more details, and if you would like to book a demo – please contact us via the online form on our website. 


Accessible 24/7


Managing your finances can be a 24/7 job; that’s why the Care Control software is accessible at all times through our app. You can check up on your income streams, raise invoices, send payment reminders and monitor – anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re on the road, working remotely or in the office, our real time income management software is convenient and available to use whenever you need it. It’s as easy as just a couple of clicks of a button – so you don’t need to worry about any complex operations, we’ll save you lots of time. 


Offers Analytical Tools


Our income management software provides all users with the capability to calculate a ‘cost of care’ analysis. What this means is that you will be able to estimate your business’ care and non-care costs – at both a service and user level. This functionality is a fundamental tool for measuring and maintaining profitability. Using it will ensure that your organisation remains profitable and continues to operate in a healthy financial position. 


Everything in one Place


Income management is made up of so many different parts, and keeping track of all of these can be a real challenge. So, what better way than having everything to do with your residential care home’s income stream in one single location. The Care Control software solution simplifies financial administration – putting all information in an easy-to-reach location. You will be able to view and record all payments, manage your petty cash with ease, and raise all invoices and credits directly. It takes so much of the pain out of financial management.


A Wealth of Success Stories


All in all, our software has been successfully implemented and used by a diverse range of care providers all across the industry. We have worked with care organisations of all sizes and scales, consistently improving their outcomes and powering them to succeed in the sector. You’ll find many superb testimonials from past clients, so you can have complete confidence that you’re in safe hands with the Care Control solution.


Effortless Nursing Home Accounting Software


Having learned about the plethora of advantages of our care home accounting software, if you would like to schedule a demo of our solution – then please get in touch with Care Control today. We can demonstrate how our care management software could benefit your organisation, providing you with first-hand insight into the solution. 


Please leave us a message via the online form on our website, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively, you can reach us on 01822 738100 to have a telephone consultation with one of our team members. To find out more about our care homes management software – visit our website today.

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